Cards received

  • April 21st, 2017: Crafty friends truly are the best! I went home for lunch today and was happy as a fairy tale ending when I found this gorgeous card in my mailbox. The friend who sent me this is super talented (needless to say that, really!) and her work is a big source of inspiration for me. So you can imagine how over the moon I was to receive this beautiful card. Plus, what an original way of combining two different stamp sets into a single original creation, right? ¡Gracias, amiga! Esta tarjeta ocupará un lugar de honor en mi colección. 


  • April 18th, 2017: After a 5 am start on a Saturday and a 9 hour train ride in one day (during 2 of which my train was stuck in a tunnel!), my Copic instructor Yvonne surprised me this afternoon with this little medal and prize. No question about it, happy mail can really make one’s day and today’s delivery was no exception! Thanks Yvonne!!!! I would totally do it again 😂 You can see some of Yvonne’s beautiful Copic work in her blog. For the full story of my 9 hour train ride, check out my YouTube video “Shaker Card – Paper Smooches (Match 2017 Challenge”.

  • December 2016 and January 2017: The following two cards are from my gorgeous nieces, who turned 9 and 6 a few months ago. My sister-in-law is SO good about teaching them to send thank you cards for all of their Christmas and birthday presents (seriously, you put us all to shame, G!!!) So my gift to them on their last birthdays was a set of blank cards (stamped and die cut) for them to colour and put together. I was so excited to receive these two in the mail, it totally made my day!

  • Below is a Christmas card received from my little cousin living in Mexico. It took a while to get to me, but when I saw all the effort she had put into it, it was totally worth the wait. ¡Gracias, M!

  • On my last birthday I enlisted the help of my Stampin’Up demonstrator and threw myself a Stampin’Up party in order to share my card-making passion with my girlfriends, since none of them is really very crafty. They were all kind enough to humour me and we had a fabulous time creating a different version of the card below. I was lucky enough to receive one of them from one of my best friends. It was her first time card-making and I think she did an AMAZING job. Merci, A!

  • When work allows, I try to sit down with my kids and make birthday cards for their friends. Most of the time fellow parents are grateful, but on the odd occasion one of them makes my day by making us a little card in return! Below is a thank you note I found in my daughter’s locker after having left her friend a 1st birthday card late last year. I was totally WOWED by this mum’s fuzzy cutting and the neat, hand-drawn pattern on the baby’s nappy. Merci encore!

  • The summer I discovered paper crafts, my “little cousin” (she’s in her mid twenties now!) came to stay with us to lend us a hand with the kids and improve her French. That was also the summer I set up my craft room in our basement. My cousin and I spent hours on end down there! When she went back home to Mexico, she got hold of her own Sizzix Big Kick (her mum is super crafty, too!) and surprised me last summer (2016) with this gorgeous card. M, I can’t wait to see more of your creations! ¡Gracias!